Chouko, Butterfly Child
Chouko, Butterfly Child
Chouko, Butterfly Child
Chouko, Butterfly Child

Chouko, Butterfly Child

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Artist: Bula Barua
30 in X 24 in
Custom Framed
Blown Glass on Canvas
Graphic Worlds Exploring Comic and Anime Art at Imagine Museum
Location: Imagine Museum

"Chouko, Butterfly Child" is a vibrant anime-style painting featuring a whimsical character with striking purple hair and a neon green jacket. A bluebird with a sparkly crown perches gracefully on her shoulder, adding a touch of enchantment to the scene. Set against a bold fuchsia background, this artwork is a feast for the eyes, crafted with white Thai lace, blown glass, crushed glass, amethyst, acrylic, and resin on canvas. The intricate materials and vivid colors create a mesmerizing composition, celebrating the playful and magical spirit of Chouko and her avian companion. Created with acrylic, blown glass, amethyst, crushed glass, mother of pearl turquoise, iridescent glitter, and Thai lace.

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