Bula Barua is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed Fine Artist and a published author of short stories and poetry.  She has won several prestigious global and national awards for her ability to capture and communicate emotion and aesthetics through her beautiful artworks.  Her works are included in many private and public collections and galleries around the world.   Bula's works are very high in demand, as collectors wait in anticipation for her next piece.

Bula has created her own style of fine art, called Luxury Fine Art - Blown Glass on Canvas.  Those not yet familiar with her work will recognize an illustrious and ethereal energy bursting from her colorful paintings.  Layers of artist blown glass, precious gems, crushed minerals, 24-karat gold, Swarovski crystals, raw floral pigments and resin create an undeniable 3 dimensional effect.   Each of her paintings is stunning and changes with the angles and placement of the viewer.  Bula has the rare ability to create a feeling of space and expansion with her art, and to express an idea with a minimum of effort.  

For her mixed-media pieces, Bula does not create limited edition prints.  So, each piece is a rare one of a kind artwork and high in demand. Bula also paints with oils and watercolors and offers limited edition reproductions of 250 for each painting onto aluminum.  Her aluminum limited editions are dramatic and possess a great depth.

Bula's artworks have expanded far beyond the canvas.  Bula's fine artwork was featured on Converse shoes in Italy. In addition, Bula was commissioned to travel to Hanzhou, China to personally design the famed 5-star beauty spa, Adlina.  The spa featured 14 of Bula's Limited Edition Prints, as well as her personal interior art design and touch.   

After falling in love with the Tampa Bay Area, Bula’s next chapter brings her to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, where she has opened her newest gallery location. THE BULA BARUA GALLERY is now located in the heart of St. Petersburg's art scene, just across from the Sun Dial.

Exhibits / Awards

March 2020 - Solo Exhibit
The Bula Barua Gallery
St. Petersburg, FL 

Feb 2019 - Group Exhibit
NYA Gallery
New York, NY

Jan 2019 - Laguna Art Gallery Exhibit
Laguna Art Gallery
Laguna Niguel, CA 

May 2015 - La Biennale di Venezia
Venice, Italy

June 2016 - Converse Italy
Bula Barua's artworks were featured on Converse Shoes in Italy. 

October 1, 2012 - Seducing the Globe
ArtFusion Galleries
Miami, FL

September 2012 - Art Takes Back Atlanta 
Billboard Art Project
Atlanta, GA

August 2012 - Life: Real and Imagined  
Linus Gallery
Pasadena, CA 

July 2012 - Be Still Life
Linus Gallery
Pasadena, CA 

July 2012 - Backlash Exhibit
New York, NY 

June 2012 - Art Takes Times Square 
Times Square, NYC (Billboards)

May 2012 - ArtSlant 3rd Worldwide Showcase Winner
Artwork: Siberian Honor

March 2012 - ArtSlant 2nd Worldwide Showcase Winner
Artwork: Ganga

September 2011 - Solo Exhibit
Blue Dahlia
Clearwater, FL