"This shout out to an amazing local artist and human is long overdue! Thank you sooo much Bula Barua for the amazing commissioned art in acrylic medium. You absolutely captured the essence of our beach house and the reality we have created. The pictures don't begin to do it justice!!!! We are all blessed to have you in our community."
~ John B, Florida

"I feel very privileged and blessed to been able to obtain this beautiful piece. I can truly feel the transformative power of this art work. I have been soaking up its energy from the moment I brought it home."
~ Julie D, Florida

"The piece Bula created Lady in Water is a very special piece to me. She did an incredible job capturing the soul of the woman in the painting and bringing it to an aesthetic wave length. Her artistry is so unique and just as beautiful as she is. Love, Markie"
~ Markie H, Florida

"St. Petersburg is blessed to have such a talent to call our own and I feel equally blessed to have one of Bula's creations hanging in my home which I consider to be my sanctuary!  Bula's uplifting abundant personality shines thru in her work and equally helps to light up my space!"
~ Drake D, Florida

"I'm new to the area and received an invitation from a friend to attend Bula's gallery opening. I had taken a look at the artwork online, but seeing them in person added a whole new dimension. The pieces really come to life in person; they have many dimensions and each one tells a story. Bula also created such a welcoming atmosphere, mingling with guests and generating a sense of warmth. Some artists seem more remote and distant but Bula was very accessible and I felt lucky to learn all about the artwork from the creator herself. I enjoyed hearing the thoughts and experience that led to the creation of each piece. I would have loved to take home many of the works but decided on "Purple Roses" which incorporate some of my favorite things such as Swarovski crystals and lavender stones. I love the way it shines and the multi-dimensional and textured appearance that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. I hung it over my bed and the deep purple and gold give it a very luxurious feel which elevates the whole room."
~ Laura C, Florida

"Bula Barua’s artwork is beyond words - it’s a feeling you have when you look at each of her pieces. Each brushstroke exudes happiness and positivity which is no surprise because the artist herself is the epitome of positivity and enthusiasm. She has a vast range of styles and can see many layers. You can look at her pieces from many angles and fall in love with her art all over again.

I connected so much with all her pieces and have been lucky enough to provide a home to multiple originals and prints. These pieces speak to me on multiple levels but most of all they brighten my day. Bula is a super talented artist and I can’t wait for what she does next!"
Anita M, Maryland

"Acquiring our Barua piece was the culmination of a perfect day. After perusing the gallery on a sunny weekend day we knew we couldn’t leave without at least one of the tremendous works. The overall process was so simple and it arrived at our home just a few days after we flew home. The iridescence and reflections with changing natural light make our artwork a dynamic and organic focal point of our home. Can’t wait to go back and add to our collection."
~ Deb S, Ohio

"Best gallery ever! I have 4 different Bula Barua pieces in my home and they are each different and so beautiful in their incredible way. Highly recommend visiting and picking up a piece of art from Bula."
~ Marina H, Michigan

"The Bula Barua Gallery is an absolute must see! The art is unique and captivating. The owner/artist has a true sense of aesthetics, and how to bring happiness and joy by creating the most beautiful artwork to brighten any environment. If you're shopping for one-of-a-kind works of art or simply want to be surrounded in beauty and serenity, then check out the Bula Barua Gallery! You won’t be disappointed."
~ Ashly G, Florida

"Bula is such a talented artist. I personally have her art in my house. I love everything that she does. Her use of color, glitter, glass and sparkle is really just amazing. You really have to see it in person as photos and videos don’t do it justice.
She is by far one of my favorite current modern artists and I look forward to collecting more of her paintings I love her and her work so much!"
~ Zoe A, Florida