Submerged Majesty
Submerged Majesty
Submerged Majesty

Submerged Majesty

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Artist: Bula Barua
30 in X 40 in
Crushed Glass on Canvas
The Bula Barua Gallery, Imagine Museum, Naples Art Festival, Bal Harbour Access


"Submerged Majesty" is a captivating artwork that immerses viewers in the mesmerizing depths of the ocean. Created with an intricate blend of blue hues, shimmering silver leaf, and crushed glass, the piece captures the ethereal beauty and tranquil essence of the underwater realm.

The artwork's dominant color is an enchanting shade of deep blue, reminiscent of the vast ocean stretching beyond the horizon. This rich hue serves as the backdrop, evoking a sense of serenity and depth, inviting observers to explore the secrets concealed beneath the water's surface.

Silver leaf delicately interlaces with the blue tones, creating a radiant interplay of light and reflection. The silver accents sparkle and glimmer, resembling the way sunlight dances on the water's rippling surface. This metallic addition enhances the otherworldly quality of the artwork, casting an ethereal glow that lends an air of magic to the scene.

Interspersed throughout the composition are fragments of crushed glass, carefully incorporated to simulate the presence of underwater elements. These fragments shimmer and catch the light, suggesting the playfulness of gentle currents and the splendor of underwater flora and fauna. The crushed glass elements create an illusion of movement, as if the artwork itself is alive with the rhythmic flow of the ocean.

"Submerged Majesty" envelops the viewer, transporting them to a serene underwater oasis. The artwork's harmonious blend of blue tones, silver leaf, and crushed glass captures the essence of the ocean's mystical allure. It invites contemplation and reflection, encouraging observers to delve into their own imaginations and connect with the beauty of the underwater world.

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