Maki, Truth Tree
Maki, Truth Tree
Maki, Truth Tree

Maki, Truth Tree

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Artist: Bula Barua
14 in X 11 in
Custom Framed
Blown Glass on Canvas
Graphic Worlds: Exploring Comic and Anime Art at Imagine Museum
Location: Imagine Museum

"Maki, Truth Tree" is an arresting anime-style portrait of a woman, capturing her fierce determination and inner strength. Wearing a martial arts uniform, Maki gazes directly at the viewer with unwavering confidence. Her unruly, long hair is adorned with a delicate flower, providing a striking contrast to her bold presence. Jeweled earrings add a touch of elegance to her powerful demeanor. The vivid colors and dynamic lines of the painting emphasize Maki's intense gaze and resolute spirit, making this piece a captivating celebration of strength and truth. Created with blown glass, acrylic, crushed glass, mother of pearl turquoise, and resin on canvas. 

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