Eden's Oasis 2
Eden's Oasis 2

Eden's Oasis 2

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Artist: Bula Barua
10 in X 8 in
Custom Framed
Blown Glass on Canvas
Imagine Museum
Location: Imagine Museum

A radiant canvas adorned with the opulence of 24-karat gold leaf, where an enchanting floating garden emerges in a symphony of greens and blues. Each stroke captures the essence of a tranquil oasis, where shades of green meld with hues of blue, creating a harmonious dance of colors. Immerse yourself in the golden glow, as this masterpiece invites you to wander through a floating garden where elegance and nature intertwine in a captivating ballet of form and light.

Created with pigments, blown glass, 24-karat gold leaf, crushed glass, and resin on canvas.

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