Azure Symphony
Azure Symphony
Azure Symphony
Azure Symphony
Azure Symphony

Azure Symphony

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48 x 60 in
* Currently on exhibit with Imagine Museum.  Visit auction

"Azure Symphony" is an enchanting artwork that transports viewers into a realm of serene beauty and enchantment. The centerpiece of the piece is a majestic blue forest, where nature reveals its ethereal essence. Towering trees, adorned in shades of cerulean and sapphire, create a mesmerizing tapestry that evokes a sense of tranquility and wonder.

Within this mystical woodland, a profusion of blooming blue flowers emerges, creating a breathtaking sight. These exquisite blossoms, delicate and yet vibrant, radiate a captivating hue that harmonizes with the surrounding environment. Their petals gently unfurl, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in their soothing presence and experience a moment of serenity.

To enhance the visual allure and add a touch of texture, crushed glass is thoughtfully scattered throughout the forest floor. The fragmented glass pieces catch the light, creating a shimmering effect that evokes a sense of movement and ethereality. This interplay of light and texture adds depth to the composition, enticing viewers to explore every corner of the artwork.

In a stroke of opulence, 24-karat gold leaf and silver leaf are delicately applied to select elements within the artwork. These precious metals enhance the enchanting atmosphere, casting a soft and radiant glow. The interweaving of gold and silver leaf with the blue foliage and flowers creates a harmonious balance, elevating the visual impact of the piece and infusing it with a touch of grandeur.

"Azure Symphony" invites viewers to immerse themselves in a realm of tranquility and natural wonder. Through the delicate combination of the blooming blue flowers, crushed glass, and precious metals, the artist has crafted a visual symphony that evokes a sense of peace and appreciation for the beauty that exists within the natural world.

Created with raw pigments, crushed minerals, crushed glass and resin on canvas. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the artist. 

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