Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Purple Rain

Purple Rain

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Artist: Bula Barua
48 in X 60 in
Blown Glass on Canvas
The Bula Barua Gallery, Hyde Park Festival, Imagine Museum


"Purple Rain" is a captivating masterpiece that transports viewers into a surreal world of whimsical beauty and enchantment. Set against a backdrop of lush lavender forest, the painting captures a moment of serene magic as gentle rain begins to fall, hydrating the grateful blooms below.

In this ethereal scene, vibrant hues of purple, gold, fuchsia, yellow, and green intermingle with an array of other mesmerizing colors, creating a kaleidoscope of visual delight. Each color seems to dance and swirl like droplets in the rain, adding depth and dimension to the canvas.

As the rain falls, sun flecks dance in the misty air, casting shimmering reflections that add a touch of radiance to the scene. The forest comes alive with the gentle patter of raindrops, as the blooms below eagerly drink in the nourishing moisture, their petals glistening with droplets of water.

Crafted with exquisite detail, the painting showcases a variety of textures and mediums. Blown glass elements add a delicate translucency to the blooms, while 24 karat gold leaf lends a luxurious shimmer to the foliage. Iridescent glitters and crushed minerals create a sense of movement and depth, capturing the ephemeral beauty of a rain shower in full bloom.

Through a masterful combination of acrylics, raw pigments, and resin, the artist brings this surreal scene to life, inviting viewers to lose themselves in its mesmerizing beauty. "Purple Rain" is more than just a painting; it is a testament to the transformative power of nature, where even the simplest of rain showers can inspire a sense of wonder and awe.

Created with blown glass, 24 karat gold leaf, iridescent glitters, acrylics, raw pigments, crushed minerals and resin.  

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