Joining the Tampa Bay Arts Community with a New Gallery!

I am so excited to be part of the Tampa Bay arts community by opening The Bula Barua Gallery in St. Pete.  I couldn't ask for a more caring, welcoming and warm community to be a part of!  

St. Pete is a natural artist's haven, with regular arts events and collectors frequenting the beautiful beach city.  When I was looking at locations for my first gallery, St. Pete seemed like a natural fit for my style of luxury fine art and blown glass on canvas. 

Since opening our doors on February 7th, the reaction of visitors has been nothing short of amazing.  We constantly hear comments, such as: "I've never seen art like this before." This is so exciting for me!

My style of art was inspired by the need to express my vision in a 3-dimensional aesthetic.  I've never been afraid of color, and adding blown glass as a mixed media element to my vibrant canvases has brought my art full circle.  I'm so happy with the creations and the positive reactions of visitors to my gallery.

I personally visit the gallery in person on Saturdays from 4 PM tp 7 PM, to meet visitors and share stories with you all.  It's a great joy for me.

Please do come by my new gallery.  The Grand Opening is coming soon - March 6th.  However, we are open now and I'd love to meet you this Saturday!


Bula Barua