Chiharu, The Wisdom
Chiharu, The Wisdom
Chiharu, The Wisdom

Chiharu, The Wisdom

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Artist: Bula Barua
14 in X 11 in
Custom Framed
Blown Glass on Canvas
Graphic Worlds: Exploring Comic and Anime Art at Imagine Museum
Location: Imagine Museum

"Chiharu, The Wisdom" is a striking anime-style painting depicting a sage in deep meditation before a serene temple. The artwork features bold and bright colors, enhancing the vibrant energy of the scene. The sage, depicted with traditional robes and an aura of wisdom, sits in peaceful contemplation against the backdrop of the temple's timeless architecture. The dynamic and expressive style, characterized by strong lines and vivid hues, brings the sage and the temple to life, creating a powerful visual experience that captures the intensity and depth of meditative practice. Created with blown glass, acrylic, crushed glass and resin on canvas. 

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