Spring by the Ocean

Spring by the Ocean

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Art by Wyllowe, 2023
48 X 48
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As an abstract artist, I love to create colorful pieces that evoke emotions and tell stories. One of my recent paintings, called "Spring by the Ocean," was inspired by a peaceful evening stroll by the waterfront. I felt a sense of calmness, inspiration and joy as I watched the sun setting with vibrant shades of pink.

This painting represents the beauty of spring blossoms by the ocean, with its vibrant blues and soft pink tones. The contrast of the dark blue hues against the pops of pink creates a harmonious balance, much like the balance of life itself.

As I painted this piece, I thought about how nature is constantly changing and how we should embrace the beauty of every moment. The painting serves as a reminder to take a moment to appreciate the little things in life and find happiness in the simple pleasures.

I hope this inspires you, to find the artist within us all.

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