All the Blues of the Ocean

All the Blues of the Ocean

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Art by Wyllowe, 2023
ACRYLIC ON CANVAS by Wyllowe Espinosa
48 x 48 in 


As an artist, I find myself constantly drawn to the color blue. My latest piece, "All the Blues of the Ocean," is a tribute to this beautiful and versatile color.

The painting is a riot of bright blues, dominated by shades of navy, aquamarine, and cerulean. The brushstrokes are loose and free, evoking the fluidity and movement of the ocean itself.

For me, "All the Blues of the Ocean" represents a journey - a crossing from one home to another, with the promise of being able to return if needed. The blues in the painting are calming and inviting, reminding me of the comfort and safety I've always found within the sea. I am a water sign. Born in July. 

But beyond that, I believe that blue is a color that speaks to the human soul. It's a color of depth and mystery, of wisdom and intuition. It's the color of the sky and the ocean, the color of the infinite expanse that lies beyond our understanding.

So whether you're gazing at this painting from the comfort of your own home, or standing on the shores of a distant sea, I hope that "All the Blues of the Ocean" will speak to you in a way that only this beautiful color can.

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