A Decision was Made
A Decision was Made

A Decision was Made

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Art by Wyllowe, 2022
48 x 60 in 

As an Australian abstract artist, I have always been drawn to bold, bright colors in my work. My latest piece, "A Decision Was Made," is no exception.

At first, the painting was filled with moody blues and greens, reflecting the darkness I felt after leaving my hometown. It was a difficult decision, and I struggled to find my place in my new life. But then, something changed.

I made a conscious decision to embrace my new life, to find the beauty in the world around me. And as if on cue, the painting began to transform. Suddenly, there was color - vibrant oranges, and shades of pinks exploding across the canvas like fireworks.

It was as though the decision I had made had ignited a spark within me, lighting up my universe and filling me with a sense of hope and possibility. The darkness that had once surrounded me was replaced with a burst of energy and light, and I felt reborn.

"A Decision Was Made" is a testament to the power of choice, and the beauty that can emerge from even the darkest moments. It is a reminder that we all have the ability to transform our lives and embrace the world around us.

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