Interior Design and Art Curation

Many collectors are in need of Art Curation for their home or working space. Art Curation means, "To preserve, in the sense of safeguarding the heritage of art. It means to be the selector of new work. It means to connect to art history. And it means displaying or arranging the work."

Lilac Dreams by Bula Barua

Our Art Curation service is a brilliant way to acquire custom art for your space, which uplifts you and reflects your vision. There is nothing like Art Curation by a renowned Artist who understands and loves all art forms.

Here is how our process works:

1. We start off with a complimentary virtual consultation, where we learn more about your personality, vision and what you need and want in your space.

2. We follow up with an in-person visit to your space, where we take multiple photographs and measurements and delve deeper into your vision.

3. We source original bespoke artworks by talented artists for your space. At that point, we deliver a proposal with the artworks we recommend and collaborate with you until you are inspired and excited. 

4. The final step is delivery and installation of your new masterpieces.

We can even assist you with additional design elements in your space, such as colors, decor and accessories.

As a gallery, we have access to outstanding artworks by local and regional artists and are able to bring those to you seamlessly.

Schedule your Virtual Consultation now. For assistance, call / text Jessica at (727) 900-1063.