Gilded Elegance 2
Gilded Elegance 2

Gilded Elegance 2

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Artist: Bula Barua
16 in X 14 in
Custom Framed
Blown Glass on Canvas
Naples Fine Art Fair, Imagine Museum
Location: Imagine Museum

The “Gilded Elegance” set unveils a captivating symphony of apricot hues, white Thai lace, and opulent 24-karat gold intricately staged with delicate gold wire. These paintings evoke softness, grace, and regal allure, transcending the ordinary. The interplay of gold wire weaves narratives of opulence and refinement. Each stroke invites contemplation, creating a visual tapestry of timeless beauty and refined sophistication. Indulge your senses in this enchanting display, where each piece unfolds as a dance of elegance and opulence.

Created with acrylic, resin, Thai lace, wire and 24-karat gold on canvas.

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